Very few of my hiker friends have heard of Chiricahua National Monument in southern Arizona. The park contains a network of about 15 trails, all of which feature tall, oddly shaped hoodoos that look like they’re about to fall down. A visit to the monument should include the Heart of Rocks trail, a loop of about a mile and a half. You cannot park near this loop, so you have to get there from Sarah Deming Canyon. A long and worthwhile dayhike includes Sarah Deming Canyon, Echo Canyon and Rhyolite Canyon, with Heart of Rocks. About 9 miles.

The hoodoos have a greenish tinge from lichen. Some of them have dramatic shapes, like Duck Rock and Big Balanced Rock.

Duck Rock
It’s big. It’s heavy. It’s balanced.

When you put them together by the thousands, the landscape is otherwordly. This is an unforgettable place with virtually no crowds. “Chiricahua” is a native American word for turkey, and we saw a few of them. A nice hike with a lot of photo opportunities.

Friends of the Big Balanced Rock