It’s slightly below freezing here in New York as I write this, and we don’t have any trips scheduled for a little while. So I’m going to sip my coffee and look back at a year of blogging.

Leaf skeleton, Fahnestock State Park, NY

I wrote more this year than I expected to, so you’re forgiven if you missed some of it. Should you decide that it’s time to catch up, here are what I consider the highlights.

My best photos:

Most animals:

Places you might not know about:

Best writing (Larry’s opinion):

Most humorous (again, Larry’s opinion)

Places you should go, as soon as the weather cooperates:

We actually went to most of these in 2019, but some of the articles refer to previous trips. 2020 promises to have some good daring moments as well. Have a great holiday!

Anemone Cave, Acadia