I originally started this blog to talk about hiking in locations like the National Parks, places that people would consider getting on an airplane to visit. With the pandemic, we’ve been hiking closer to home and re-appreciating our nearby parks. New York’s Harriman State Park is 47,000 acres, so with a little bit of planning we can avoid the crowds. Harriman is now much busier than it’s ever been, and even the roadside trailhead parking fills up earlier than it used to.

On a recent Saturday, we found ourselves on the western part of the park, doing a loop that included several peaks, lakes, and an interesting over-and-under scramble called “Elbow Brush”.

Entrance to “Elbow Brush”
Finding daylight again

We also had some nice sweeping views like this one along the Tuxedo Mount Ivy trail. (We enjoy calling it the “TMI trail”.)

On the TMI trail

And here’s a bit of Lake Skenonto. There are many lakes in the park, but this one is pretty hidden.

Lake Skenonto

It was a beautiful day and it was good to get out. We did about 10 miles, and felt pretty good about our social distancing.