2022 was light on new dayhikes.  We repeated a lot of our local New York favorites, especially in Minnewaska State Park and Harriman / Bear Mountain State Parks.  We made it to Europe, so I can’t complain we didn’t travel.  And we did a road trip to Tucson, Arizona, where we got to know Saguaro National Park a bit better.

2023 will be very different, because we’re leaving the east coast and relocating to Tucson.  Even if we just do the local hikes there, they will look different.  New plants and animals, taller and rockier mountains, fewer jackets, more sunscreen and funny hats.  The weather will have a new set of pros and cons, almost certainly providing more hikeable days.  We hope to find some new friends to hike with.  There are several local hiking clubs; we’ll check them out.

The last week has been very cold in New York, not nice at all.  When I mention our upcoming move to a warmer place, people express their envy, but it’s misplaced.  Of course there are days when someplace else seems more attractive, but we have loved our time in New York. I’ll keep the sentimental portion short and fill space with some New York photos.

Bear Mountain Bridge, as seen from Bald Mountain
The “secret” canyon in Minnewaska State Park
A random waterfall, and some green stuff
Literally taken from our porch

Compare the above to Arizona:

This will be an adjustment, but it should be fun.
The hat looks less silly at this distance.